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Pandemic Knowledge Worker Survey

How do employees feel about returning to the workplace?

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The COVID-19 disease and rapid spread of the coronavirus were the catalysts of a massive, unplanned experiment in working from home. As a long-time employer of remote and distributed librarians, researchers and other knowledge workers, LAC Group is looking ahead to the future of work. The company has developed a survey to assess the readiness and willingness of knowledge workers to return to the employer’s location in a post-pandemic environment.

The survey is available and open to all knowledge workers through Friday, April 24, 5:00 pm PDT.

  • Takes less than five minutes to complete.
  • Responses are anonymous.
  • Results will be posted on the LAC Group website and promoted via the company’s newsletters and social media.

For knowledge workers of all kinds, it includes questions that:

  • Compare respondent employment situations at the start of 2020 to current circumstances due to lockdown restrictions, economic concerns and other pandemic factors.
  • Assess workforce assessment about returning to an office or other employer workplace, including new concerns and preferences.

Many employers and employees alike were not prepared for this transition, even for work that can be done remotely and online via the internet. In the coming weeks and beyond, another transition will take place as employers and employees alike determine the best solution for work situations that are both safe and productive. LAC Group developed this survey to unite the voices of knowledge workers in an increasingly digital economy and to help guide employer decisions for talent management, workforce safety and productivity, and organizational sustainability and success.

Read the survey press release at PR Newswire.

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