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LibGig Redesigned: A Modern Site for Modern Librarians

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LibGig Redesigned: A Modern Site for Modern Librarians

LibGig_logo-01The Birth of LibGig

LibGig (short for Library Gig) was created by LAC Group in 2008, when social media sites like Facebook were becoming popular. CEO Deb Schwarz got the idea to create a network dedicated to librarians and other digital information professionals.

The original site allowed users to create a profile and network with others. A job board was added. And, since librarians are all about open and free sharing of information, everything on LibGig was open and free. Hundreds of jobs and comments were being posted.

Unfortunately, spam and other forms of undesirable participation became a problem. Open information sharing resulted in lack of control, and a drain on LAC Group resources. Leadership was ready to pull the plug.

The Evolution of LibGig: No Longer a Big, Broad Job Board

The company made a decision not to be in the business of running a social networking site and free online job board. Rather than taking the site down altogether, the decision was made to change its focus.

LAC’s Brad Rogers, Director of Recruiting and Rob McCall, Marketing Coordinator, were tasked with transforming LibGig into a streamlined portal for librarians and other information professionals. While Brad and Rob acknowledge that the open job board was popular, the company needed to focus on the recruiting and staffing needs of LAC Group.

By September, the new LibGig was launched. The site is slimmed down and updated. It’s also mobile-friendly for viewing on any device. Other employers may post jobs, but they pay a small fee to do so, which will help improve the quality and legitimacy of all postings.

According to Rob, “The site redesign is the evolution of LibGig from a librarian social network to a modern community and portal for information professionals.”

Death of the Librarian? Reports Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

Brad says that the word “librarian” is popping up less frequently in job descriptions, even though the skill sets are in demand.

“This industry is changing now more than ever. All we get is the negative press that libraries are dying. The truth is that information is being accessed in different ways, and lots of opportunities are out there. But librarians don’t know how to define themselves or their skillsets in the market place. When they see a job description for Info Curator, they might not check into it, even though it’s a perfect fit.”

New LibGig for New Librarian

The new LibGig is a streamlined, modern site for the modern information management professional. It’s unique because it embodies all different types of information jobs in one place, including positions in medical, military and other specialized areas.

About LibGig | LIBGIGLibGig is a place where you can tap into LAC Group’s extensive knowledge base related to library and digital information professions, including:

Jobs – While the number of positions may be less, the variety and quality are excellent. Curation, Competitive Intelligence, Taxonomy and Archiving are just a few of the job function areas to choose from, in locations from Denver to Dublin.

Career Q & A – More than a rote FAQ, it touches on everything from interviews to landing your first job, as well as difficult topics like job searches during a recession.

Career Profiles – Valuable insights on the kinds of career opportunities that exist in today’s economy. You are no longer limited to the world of physical libraries.

Schools – Exclusive directory of 57 ALA-accredited LIS Schools with live links to admissions, tuition, academic programs and specialties.

News – The latest news and advice for library and information management job seekers.

Looking for your first job? Ready to relocate? In need of a change? Curious about the new roles and titles that match your skills and experience?

As LAC’s Director of Recruiting, Brad wants you to know, the new LibGig is for you:

“This industrial revolution of digital content and all that’s happening in the work of libraries continues forward. LibGig will help you position and define yourself to find a great job in this growing industry.”