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LAC Group awarded new and continuing federal contracts for library and information managed services

Home Press releases LAC Group awarded new and continuing federal contracts for library and information managed services

Washington, DC – August 5, 2019 – LAC Group’s federal team, provider of mission-critical library, information and knowledge management services for the U.S. government, has been awarded an array of recent library contracts from several federal agencies for information services such as research, archives support and cataloging.

Library of Congress: New five-year contract for the Inspection of Legal Materials

LAC Group will continue to provide the Law Library of Congress assistance in conducting quality reviews of completed work in areas that include processing of collection receipts, collection maintenance, loose-leaf filing, physical inventory and binding preparation in compliance with library rules, conventions and quality expectations. LAC Group librarians check items for errors and give feedback to Library of Congress technicians. This crucial task maintains the discoverability of the collection and helps the library assess their collection development needs.

International Monetary Fund (IMF):  Four-year contract extension for library services

LAC Group has been providing a number of library services under a Statement of Work (SOW) that has been amended to provide additional service and uninterrupted support while retaining expert personnel and records management programs. LAC Group assisted IMF through a library renovation in 2017-18 and has been reviewing all items returned from off-site storage, comparing the physical holdings to the library’s Integrated Library System (ILS). LAC Group continues to support the transition by providing additional technical staff and expertise as needed, to help IMF customers meet their information needs.

Smithsonian Institution Libraries: Option year exercised and new contract for cataloging services and support

Smithsonian Institution Libraries has exercised an option year for a contract awarded to LAC Group for a variety of cataloging services and support. LAC Group was also awarded a new contract for cataloging Japanese language materials according to the libraries’ requirements.

Export-Import Bank (EXIM): New contract awarded for archives and research services

LAC Group has been chosen to provide archiving and research services to the EXIM Research Center for proactive management of information resources to enhance discoverability and accessibility by agency staff. Responsibilities will include support of day-to-day operations of collections development, accessioning and the implementation of metadata and organization standards for administering information resources in all formats. Engaging with EXIM staff as a member of the reference services team will also be a part of LAC Group’s duties.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): Option year exercised for NOAA Central Library and regional libraries

LAC Group will continue to provide library support services for NOAA Central Library in Silver Spring, Maryland along with regional library locations across the United States. LAC Group librarians work on a variety of functions, including metadata creation and maintenance, reference and circulation services, interlibrary loan services, and bibliometric analysis of NOAA publications.

National Library of Medicine (NLM): New contract for interlibrary loan

The NLM under the National Institutes of Health has awarded LAC Group the contract to support NLM interlibrary loan activities, including management of incoming interlibrary loan requests in accordance with NLM requirements.

Based in downtown Washington DC, LAC Group’s federal team has been serving the US government for 16 years. According to Jocelyn McNamara, LAC Group Vice President, Federal Services,

“LAC Group’s reputation for best-in-class service to the federal government speaks for itself. Time after time, we hear feedback about our responsiveness, reliability and unparalleled subject matter expertise, which is why the government chooses us and why our business continues to grow. We couldn’t be more honored to help such preeminent institutions achieve their goals.”

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