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LAC Group added to GSA Professional Services Schedule contract

Home Press releases LAC Group added to GSA Professional Services Schedule contract

The U.S. General Services Administration has added LAC Group’s Federal Services business unit to its GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) contract.

The PSS contract vehicle is a GSA Multiple Award Schedule that consolidates eight professional services schedules to streamline the procurement process for business solutions ranging from marketing and engineering to administrative and logistical support. GSA awarded LAC a contract under Special Item Number (SIN) 874-7, Integrated Business Program Support Services, formerly known as Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS). Under this program, LAC is able to offer its professional managed solutions in library services, knowledge and information management, and strategic consulting to federal agencies.

“LAC is one of the few PSS Schedule holders with a focus on knowledge management and library and information center managed services,” said Tom Miller, executive vice president, Managed Services for LAC. “This contract gives the government expanded access to our professional managed services with ‘favored nation’ rates and terms.”

Under the schedule, LAC Group provides complete project management support from planning to closeout for mission-oriented programs including operational and administrative support. Specific offerings include:

  • market and business intelligence (BI) research and analysis;
  • project support for knowledge and information management programs;
  • legal research, analysis and paralegal support; and
  • consulting services on KM and digital asset management efforts.

LAC Group’s government clients include both the Library of Congress and the Law Library of Congress, the Foreign Service Institute’s Stephen Low Information Center, The IMF Joint Bank-Fund Library, National Agricultural Library, National Library of Education, NOAA Central and Regional Libraries, USAID Library and Knowledge Services Center and, as part of a joint venture, the Goddard Information and Collaboration Center. LAC Group backs specific functions at these entities and, in some cases, manages and staffs the complete operation.

About LAC Group

Los Angeles-headquartered LAC Group provides critical knowledge and information management solutions such as competitive intelligence, research services, preservation and archival services, spend and cost management as well as knowledge management services for Fortune 500 companies, law firms, Hollywood studios, academic institutions and government agencies. Founded in 1986, LAC Group is a leader in delivering high-quality, cost-effective business services that help organizations manage and curate physical and digital information, data and content. For more information, please visit