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LAC Federal selected for collection inventory

Home Press releases LAC Federal selected for collection inventory

LAC Federal, a provider of mission-critical outsourced library, information, and knowledge management services for the U.S. government, has won an inventory control and shelf-reading contract at the Commerce Research Library of the Department of Commerce. This is the second contract awarded to LAC Federal this year at the Commerce Research Library.

The Commerce Research Library provides resources and research support to employees, so they can carry out the department’s mission to improve the standard of living for all Americans in partnership with business, academia and the nation’s communities and workers. In recent years, the department merged its two library collections, the Business & Trade and Law & Legislative Collections, into the Commerce Research Library. Prior to unifying the collections, library staff noticed that records on the local integrated library system and the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) differed from one another as well as the physical items in the collection. The LAC Federal contract will have its team working with the Commerce Research Library staff to align the catalog records within both systems and accurately reflect the physical holdings of the library.

LAC Federal staff will also perform a complete shelf-reading of the collection, noting items in need of conservation or repair. LAC Federal will then systematically compare each item to its electronic catalog record and OCLC record and add, delete, or edit as necessary to ensure 100-percent representation between the physical collections and each system. Once LAC Federal completes its work, the library’s physical collection will display correct call numbers, while the library’s ILS will contain clean and correct records for every item in the collection.

LAC Federal’s clients include the Foreign Service Institute’s Stephen Low Information Center, The Joint Bank-Fund Library, Library of Congress, National Agricultural Library, National Library of Education, NOAA Central Library and Regional Libraries, and USAID Library and Knowledge Services Center. LAC Federal’s services range from supporting specific functions at these entities to managing and staffing the whole institution.


LAC Federal is dedicated to the unique knowledge and information management needs of federal government agencies and departments. Based in Rockville, Maryland, the federal team is familiar with all facets of U.S. government procurement, either as direct contractors or trusted subcontracting partners. LAC Federal is on the GSA Schedule for technical, administrative & professional staffing as well as office, imaging and document solutions. As part of LAC Group, the federal division delivers the company’s full range of knowledge and information management expertise, customized for government clients. Visit