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Actionable intelligence has become a critical asset in private equity and investment banking operations. Data that’s current, reliable and instantly accessible is the new standard, yet firms are struggling to keep pace.

Empower your in-house teams to focus on higher-value, higher-priority work with support from LAC Group’s research and intelligence team.

We deliver a customized suite of intelligence services calibrated to uncover indicators pointing to new opportunities and provide early warning against risks and headwinds — suited to your firm’s unique positioning, strategy, and key industries.

Intelligence services

Weekly tracking

Customized briefings, executive reports and intelligence archives that surface essential developments – ensuring you have complete situational awareness. Examples include risk / early warning signals, opportunity signals, regulatory intelligence, legal activity, personnel moves, and demand and customer trends.

Analyst access

Access to your dedicated intelligence analyst on-demand with target information and feedback. Your analyst maintains focus and builds institutional knowledge with proactive scanning and assessment of market signals. Share insights and task deeper dives on monthly calls.

Directed research

To-order research and analysis into relevant trends, developments and performance expectations shaping future value and deal activity. Receive comprehensive findings in reports that include industry trends and performance, external forces shaping industry landscape, non-financial risks (reputational, cyber, compliance, third-party, etc.), and regulatory trends.

Today’s turbulent, hyper-connected and data-dependent financial markets have increased the risks of information that’s undiscovered, outdated or inaccurate. Our targeted intelligence covers all facets of the investment research process to help you navigate financial markets, strengthen your knowledge of particular industries and enhance your portfolios.

Boost your competitive advantage with LAC Group’s infrastructure, processes and know-how to feed and support your proprietary investment platform.

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