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Philip Spiegel

VP, Client Engagement

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Phil Spiegel

As a media archive and asset management professional, Philip holds extensive experience leading large commercial and broadcast film, video and image archives in their efforts to digitize, catalog, preserve and monetize content and provide transparent access into their holdings. He is a creative problem solver and project manager fluent in the technical, operational and business challenges that converge to form an effective strategy and implementation.

Phil served as Director of Video Product Operations at National Geographic Digital Motion, the digital asset, archive management and content licensing group within National Geographic Television. Prior to that he was the Director of Archives & Cataloguing at the National Geographic Film Library and led efforts to digitize, catalog and make accessible the vast video asset holding to internal and external clients via web-based DAM (Digital Asset Management) tools.

Available as speaker and reference for:

  • Digital asset management
  • Content management
  • Metadata, cataloging standards and taxonomies
  • Media asset management
  • Digital archives
  • Library / archive management