Natalya Berdzeni

Executive Vice President, Chase Cost Management

Nat Berdzeni

Ms. Berdzeni worked for Chase Cost Management (CCM) where she developed and implemented strategic business plans leading to substantial revenue and profit growth. She was promoted to convert the core business model to a modern automated service model, which included reinventing the service and working with IT to develop and implement a new custom system.

Ms. Berdzeni also played an essential role in developing UK and Canadian markets, evaluating risks and creating appropriate new sales strategies. She led CCM through a certified financial audit, a financial reporting restructure and the merger & acquisition process, with responsibility for annual revenue recognition and approving financial forecasts.

Now part of LAC Group, Ms. Berdzeni’s expertise in finance, technology, growth/profitability strategy development and law firm culture have been invaluable assets. Her responsibilities have continued to evolve to provide contract management, performance enhancement, and negotiation strategies. She is a strong leader with proven ability to develop highly effective teams.

She holds an EMBA from the Johnson School, Cornell University and a B.A. from Baruch College, City University of New York.