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SpendSmarts November 8 2016 issue

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We send this on Election Day with two comments: Remember to vote and, like most Americans, we’re glad the 2016 campaign is over.

What did you learn at the Forum?

The 15th Annual COO & CFO Law Firm Forum held recently in New York covered a lot of ground. CCM VP Patrick Gleason and LibSource EVP John Harbison were there, and they share their perspectives below.

Law firm practice innovation by Pat Gleason

Loyalty: the holy grail of client satisfaction by John Harbison (includes survey data)

Options for LexisNexis and Westlaw

CCM’s library and information services expert Robyn Rebollo delivers the latest on the best information resources now available, including an appendix of the top-grossing services on the market today. We’ve reserved a free copy for our SpendSmarts readers:

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Spend Trend: Technology investment now sits at about 8% of overall law firm spend.


Co-sourcing, resourcing and other outsourcing paradigms

Speaking of excellence in law firms (and any business), success comes to those who develop and implement the best ideas while optimizing their resources. As for staff resources, LAC Group (and CCM parent) CEO Deborah Schwarz shares some valuable insights.

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Another industry disrupted by technology

No industry has been shielded from digital disruption, and that includes office supplies. After the failed Office Depot merger, Staples is looking for growth in business services.

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