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SpendSmarts February 3 2017 issue

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Learn about negotiating with information service vendors


The online information services landscape has become complicated since the early days of Lexis and Westlaw. CCM executives Natalya Berdzeni and Robyn Rebollo are sharing some navigation tips in their breakout session at this week’s LegalPros event in New York. Read more on their session here.

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Negotiation tips for library directors


CCM Executive Vice President offers some basic negotiation tips that can be useful for any situation, whether discussing vendor contracts for your employer or more personal discussions like a promotion.

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[Download free report] Nothing but the relevant content


Content aggregation platforms filter and deliver the most relevant, trustworthy information you need for your business. The research analysts at LibSource (another LAC Group company) compare 5 of the leading content aggregation platforms on the market today – InfoNGen, LexisNexis NewsDesk, Manzama, Meltwater and Vable. We’re happy to make this free report, Nothing but the relevant content, available to you.

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