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The Curator: October 16, 2019

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The Curator: October 16, 2019

The Curator

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Top stories from LAC Groupfederal libraries

Two new reports, free and full of practical advice

For librarians (especially in federal government) →

The ultimate guide to valuing federal libraries is our gift to government library directors and agency leaders. Written with federal libraries in mind, much of the advice also applies to other libraries.


For marketers (especially in law firms) →

The ultimate guide to competitive intelligence is our gift to CMOs and other marketing and business development leaders. Written with law firms in mind, much of the advice also applies to other sectors.




Data One word for the upcoming KM conference →

Plastic was the one word to remember in 1967’s THE GRADUATE. In 2019, the word is data, and data will be a focal point of the upcoming ARK Group KM conference. Attending or not, this show preview will get you up-to-speed on data in KM.

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CI infographic Avoid surprises and ethical conflicts with CI

Takeaways from CI conference for the modern law firm →

CI ethics: the fine line between intelligence & espionage →

Photos lost & found Lost and found: monetizing photo and film archives →

From our media and archiving team in southern California and film expert Danny Kuchuck, learn how to discover images or make images more discoverable. Bonus: great events for networking within the image archiving community.

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Stories curated by our team

dark web

Shining a light on the dark web →

The same tools and techniques used by criminals on the “dark web” can be used for legitimate research. The author of “How to Find Out Anything” shares tips on using the Tor browser, avoiding the risks of the shadows and more.

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innovation How one London law firm views innovation →

Addleshaw Goddard classifies innovation in five categories, making an intangible concept more solid and ready for action.

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documentaries More lost and found: documentaries →

An incredible array of documentaries and another “lost and found” resource.

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overwhelmed Feeling constantly overwhelmed? →

Feeling overwhelmed has become a chronic condition for many of us. This quick read from Harvard Business Review offers tips to alleviate the stress of too much everything.

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ambience Enhance focus and relieve stress →

We’ll leave you with one more way to feel less overwhelmed—soothing ambient sounds to mask workplace distractions, reduce stress and enhance concentration.

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