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The Curator March 23 2017 issue

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Are you an MLIS graduate worried or perplexed about your career options, or an experienced librarian wondering about next steps? Our LibGig recruiting and staffing division is looking to help with new career coaching services and would love to hear from you.

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Visualizing a more perfect union, and other government data challenges
Starting with the Enlightenment and advancing to our current Information Age in need of enlightenment, historians and data geeks alike will enjoy Jonathan Barney’s discussion of the role of data visualization in federal government and the connection to our founding fathers.

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Can this nitrate or acetate film be saved?
The archives of every motion picture studio, not to mention corporations, libraries, government agencies and other organizations, contain nitrate and acetate film. These irreplaceable images will degrade and literally disappear over time without proper care. Film preservation expert Danny Kuchuck tells you what to look for and shares the 3 H’s that cause degradation.

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Tape Vault / Media Archive Specialist

Join a premiere film preservation/archive vault at a facility in Thousand Oaks, CA.

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Acetate (safety) and nitrate film don’t mix—or do they?

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