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The Curator June 29 2017 issue

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The Curator Newsletter
June 29, 2017

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aall austin texas

Y’AALL headed to Texas?

If you’re attending AALL 2017, July 15-18 in Austin, check out a panel discussion that includes LAC Group Founder / CEO Deb Schwarz. Discover and ask questions about library services and tasks that could be outsourced and how to evaluate outsourcing service models.

Outsourcing Library Services: Approaches, Perspectives, and Questions
Sunday, July 16
11:30am – 12:30pm

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How much do librarians make?

But you do want to maximize your earnings potential! We enlisted the help of Kim Dority to shine a spotlight on librarian salaries, including salary resources for doing your own research.

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Managing a distributed workforce

Remote management stories from HR

Whether you think working remotely would be the best.thing.ever. or you’re an employer dealing with (or trying to avoid) remote work issues, LAC Group’s HR leader, Greg Galaida, shares tips and stories for your enlightenment.

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Managing remote teams

LibSource VP Eleanor Windsor shares part of her presentation from the recent BIALL conference (British and Irish Association of Law Librarians). As someone working with a team of virtual researchers in England, she offers her own virtual team recommendations.

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Rare nitrate film in widescreen format from Eastman Museum

One of our nitrate film experts, Danny Kuchuck, reports on the 3rd annual Nitrate Picture Show held in early May at the George Eastman Museum. He was thrilled to view a 120-year-old piece of nitrate stock so rare it couldn’t be projected because the equipment no longer exists!

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lac 30th anniversary
Celebrating 30 years!

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