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The Curator February 21 2018 issue

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The Curator: February 21, 2018

We're hiring
The Curator

Rob Corrao new CEO

Deborah Schwarz is transitioning from daily management responsibility for the company she founded 30 years ago. Robert Corrao takes over as CEO of LAC Group, which now employs 400 people on two continents. Deb’s new role as Chief Strategy Officer will allow her to cultivate new business, manage select relationships and develop strategies and innovations for the next 30 years.

We wish them both much happiness and success!

LAC Group names Robert Corrao as new CEO→

You may be a CI researcher / analyst who believes your work is done once you deliver the goods. Or you may be a decision-maker who dismisses information that doesn’t support your POV. But when all of us need to be mindful of proving our value, VP Jim Haggerty shares his thoughts on making sure CI and other business research is put to good use.

Is your competitive intelligence being used?→

You think you suffer from content overload, but you probably can’t compare to what LAC employee Nancy Hiegel deals with in her role at a major news and entertainment conglomerate. Nancy and her team must intake a whole bunch of new content produced daily, while archiving decades of past programming. Yet as she says when she came upon some vintage footage of Frank Sinatra in the White House, the surprises are worth it.

Curating and digitizing media archives →

Cellulose nitrate film is flammable enough to fuel an eternal flame, but it also contains beautiful imagery with historical and cultural significance. So we’re sharing a timely story for this timeless topic, along with a preservation primer for anyone with nitrate film assets. Even though production ended 75 years ago, nitrate film still hides in collections and archives everywhere.

That’s not a frozen pizza in the museum freezer

Jo Haraf of the Marin (County) History Museum in San Rafael, California discusses the hazards and the harvest contained within the museum’s small nitrate collection in this helpful and entertaining guest post. Share with all your history, archiving and pizza-loving friends.

Marin History Museum on nitrate film →

All you need to know about preserving nitrate film

Danny Kuchuck, our resident nitrate expert, explains how to distinguish nitrate from safety film, shipping and handling requirements and other nitrate preservation questions.

Nitrate film preservation →

However you get it done, please get those nitrate film assets preserved!

One of the benefits of contract work can be the freedom and flexibility to pursue other interests, like writing fiction! Rachel Mauro, currently on assignment at the Library of Congress, is one of those employees. Her story, involving a young librarian, is in Volume V of the annual anthology published by Washington DC’s Politics and Prose bookstore and literary community.

LAC Federal employee published in District Lines→

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