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The Curator August 24 2017 issue

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The Curator: August 24, 2017

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AALL 2017 outsourcing panel


The good and the bad, without any ugly
(How AALL 2017 attendees feel about outsourcing)

Panelists Deborah Schwarz from LAC Group and Donna Terjesen of HBR were expecting some audience opposition at their recent AALL 2017 breakout session on library outsourcing. Instead what broke out was a thoughtful, friendly discussion, detailed in Deb’s takeaway. As she says in the post:

“As much of the discussion affirmed both what I already believe and had expected, I came away with an even deeper appreciation for the concerns my librarian colleagues expressed. But we all share the same goals when it comes to promoting the value of librarians, information services, and quality research.”

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When law librarians are open to external support

Library as a Service® is the LibSource approach to research and other support when work piles up and headcount remains static, like during busy times or to bridge skill gaps.

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Solar eclipse

What dark data and solar eclipses have in common

The “Great American Eclipse” of 2017 taught us all about the critical importance of wearing eclipse glasses to see the phenomenon. Deputy Director Jocelyn McNamara uses this as a metaphor for “seeing” dark data in federal agencies and other large organizations.

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ABC7 interviews PRO-TEK's Tim Knapp

PRO-TEK builds first commercial frozen film vault

All archival film storage is cold and dry, but some high-value preservation efforts take those conditions to the nth degree with freezing cold temperatures. PRO-TEK just added the first frozen film vault for commercial use built for Paramount Pictures to preserve its creative works for future generations.

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Forbes coverage of frozen film vault

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 from the archive

From the archive

Why librarians make the best deep divers in the “deep web”

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Announcement Invitation to writers, bloggers and content curators

Are you interested in contributing to The Curator? If you have a library / information services blog, represent a relevant website, or would like to be a guest contributor to our blog, contact us with details. Thank you!


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