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The Curator April 18 2018 issue

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The Curator: April 18, 2018
We're hiring
The Curator
We’d like you to meet…
…some of the talented professionals who work for LAC Group. We dedicate this month’s issue to their knowledge, passions and generosity. In honor of National Library Week 2018 (April 8-14), we asked our U.S. employees: What’s your favorite library? Who is your favorite librarian? Who or what inspired you to become a librarian? From California to New York, we gathered a few responses. (And to Mrs. Brock, Miriam Havighurst Johnson, Ms. Eyrich and Pat McCormick—wherever you are—thank you.) Ode to favorite libraries and librarians →
All media assets deteriorate over time, which is why we have archivists! Rather than pitting film against digital, Photo Archivist Michael Cahill believes it’s better to appreciate their unique advantages and understand their shortcomings, as his tales explain. Tales from the film crypt →
Sue Olmsted has a passion for preserving valuable research—as in historic Arctic and Antarctic data and diaries. We can worry about polar ice caps melting and polar bears disappearing, or we can be like Sue and play a small but proactive part. Day in the life of a polar librarian →
Sue’s polar research data prompts us to share the story of another LAC Group librarian who is in the annals of global climate change thanks to her assignment at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA. A librarian in the annals of global climate change →
Various US employees for enlightening others

Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.

– Dalai Lama

Meet the following LAC Group employees sharing their know-how in a variety of ways, from classrooms to webinars to book reviews.  
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