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Career Connection September 21 2017 issue

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Career Connection: September 2017

career connection

From the LibGig career counselors

Reluctant networker

Do you dread networking?

If so, you’re not alone! Yet building and nurturing professional connections is a valuable life skill and almost a career-development necessity in today’s LIS job market. Kim Dority offers 7 tips for reluctant networkers that can turn dread into positive anticipation.

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Books to isolated communities

Getting books to isolated communities

Did you know about the Pack Horse Library? This initiative helped lift American librarians out of the Great Depression by giving them jobs delivering books on horseback to remote areas like Appalachia. Alas, the program was dismantled in 1943, but Atlas Obscura is hiring. Please let them know LAC Group sent you and enjoy the read.

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For a modern take on delivering books to isolated communities and marginalized people, Book Aid International is doing amazing work—like giving a 60-year old woman in an isolated Kenyan village her first book!

From the LibGig job board

LibGig job board

Try on some different LIS work hats

A full-time permanent position with benefits is the goal for most job-seekers, yet others may desire more flexible opportunities. The following positions are temporary, yet they offer an opportunity to bridge skills or employment gaps, build your network, earn some money and gain experience while continuing your search.

Not to mention you can try out a job and give yourself an out if the hat doesn’t fit.

Public library Work in a public library (west coast)

Technical Services/Circulation Manager for a public library in the East Los Angeles area, responsible for administrative duties while overseeing daily operations of the Support Services Division. Temporary (6 months), full-time position with benefits.

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Federal court Work in the federal court system (midwest)

Library Clerk to provide para-professional support services to federal court in Chicago, Illinois.  16 hours per week onsite, flexible during regular business hours.

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Federal government Work in a federal government setting (east coast)

Metadata and Research Librarian to work at a major Federal Library in the DC area related to food safety and nutrition. Temporary (12 months), full-time position with benefits.

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Law firm Work in a law firm setting (west coast)

Temporary Research Librarian for San Francisco area office of prestigious national law firm. Responsible for reference / research services for all attorneys and staff across North America.

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