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Career Connection November 29 2017 issue

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Career Connection: November 2017

career connection

We have lots of helpful advice from LibGig advisor Kim Dority.

Kim is adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver and author of Rethinking Information Work: A Career Guide for Librarians and Other Information Professionals. She is a recipient of SLA’s Rose L. Vormelker Award, honoring her commitment to teaching and professional development within the information profession.

Following is a collection of Kim’s most recent job search advice:

Let’s start with your resume

Summary statement

Every resume needs a summary statement. Think of it as your virtual elevator pitchthose precious few seconds when you have the undivided attention of somebody with the power to keep you in the running, or eliminate you—period, end of story.

3 things a resume summary statement must do →

Moving on to the interview

Questions to ask in interview

Your summary statement helped you get an interview! Don’t leave all the question-asking to the person on the other side of the table. Kim offers tips on the types of questions you should be asking to further reveal your capabilities, leave a memorable impression and ensure the opportunity is a good fit for your needs, too.

Questions to ask at the end of an interview →

You got an offer!

Negotiating salary

If only real-life job searches progressed this easily. That said, always be prepared for an offer, and that includes a discussion of salary and benefits. Even if you’re on your last package of ramen noodles, it’s important to remember your value. Depending on the employer, you have more leeway than you think.

What librarians must know for successful salary negotiation →

Let jobs find you

Reluctant librarian

We’ll finish by taking a step back to a career-enhancing activity that all of us should be engaging in regularly—networking. With a strong professional and personal network, opportunities will come to you. If you find networking as difficult as negotiating, Kim explains how to do it without feeling awkward, embarrassed or snarky.

7 networking tips for the reluctant librarian →

The future of information professionals

Deb's quote from ShiftCentral

Now for some advice from another leader recognized for her commitment to professional development within the information profession: LAC Group CEO Deborah Schwarz.

Leading the way with technology – The future of information professionals →

Check out the updated LibGig job board


LibGig job board


We’ve made a few much-needed enhancements to the search function in the LibGig job board. Check them out as you peruse listings, and if you haven’t signed up, why not? It’s another way to stay informed on a variety of LIS job opportunities, while enhancing your visibility within LAC Group. Let us know what you think and what other features you’d like to see.

LibGig job board →

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