Digital information assets: 4-part series

One of the most difficult decisions faced by executives today is how to properly evolve your business into the digital environment, while maintaining control, security, and varied levels of accessibility to a multitude of users, all while protecting the integrity of your information assets in the virtual marketplace.

Part of the evolution involves decisions around who will do the work. Can existing staff be trained? Do you hire to get the necessary skills? Or do you go with a third option and outsource the work to professional firms that specialize in managing digital information assets?

Outsourcing skilled information professionals, instead of hiring them, is often a controversial subject. While advantages like a major increase in workflow efficiency can save money, that money is not always seen in dollars and cents but in the increased value of your business, and the value you provide to your customers, employees and partners alike. On the other end of the spectrum, many executives and IT professionals share a common and valid concern about loss of internal controls by contracting asset management work to an “outsider”.

During the next four weeks, I will take on this important strategic approach to business in the Digital Age and the tactical steps to move your business from point A to point Z, while maintaining quality control of your intellectual properties and digital library.


Part 1 – Most commonly outsourced digital information management functions today

Outsourcing does not have to be an all-or-nothing approach. Click here to see which functions are most commonly outsourced.

Part 2 – Contracting or hiring to manage your digital information assets

I will discuss hiring and contracting needs for the digitization and management of information assets. Click here to learn more.

Part 3 – Skillsets needed for digital information asset management positions

We are often asked about the digital information skill sets that are needed. Click here for an overview of those that are in demand by employers.

Part 4 – Outsourcing pros vs. hiring pros

Click here for a high-level comparison of the advantages of outsourcing versus hiring.

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