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State of the State

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By Deborah Schwarz, CEO, LAC Group

In recent years, we have grown into a much larger and diverse organization, and I recognize that many of you aren’t aware of our plans or what we are doing.

It is difficult to maintain the benefits and culture that comes from working with a smaller company; the camaraderie, community- minded atmosphere, sense of belonging and so forth, when that company is geographically and functionally diverse. Additionally, we have several divisions and there isn’t always an overlap such that people get to work together on projects and assignments.

When I started LAC Group, then Library Associates, we all worked in one office in Beverly Hills. Despite the location, it wasn’t a glamorous office, and we all worked on top of one another. Today we have 3 offices in Los Angeles, in Century City, Thousand Oaks and Burbank. The CCM group moved across the street in 2013 from their 1 Penn Plaza locale to 14 Penn Plaza, and the Rockville office is moving to a new location, this time metro-accessible, in March. So much growth, that this year we were selected by Inc Magazine as one of the top 5000 fastest growing private companies in America as well as receiving the Hire Power award for being one of the top 500 “hiring” employers in our industry.

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