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Ron Friedmann on emergence of ALSPs

LAC Group CIO quoted in Aderant legal technology survey

Home News Ron Friedmann on emergence of ALSPs

Ron FriedmannAs the business of law continues evolving, shifts in market needs continue to drive innovation and technological advancement in the legal field.

Aderant recently published their annual 2019 Aderant Business of Law and Legal Technology Survey report which polled legal professionals on market trends. The survey reported innovation, cloud adoption and billing efficiency as three major movements fueled by rising competition.

LAC Group CIO Ron Friedmann is one of several legal professionals contributing his thoughts on the competition, specifically the emergence of ALSPs. He states:

“Prominent coverage by the legal media and blogs reflects that markets and clients have spoken—they want value for their dollars and multiple options for legal delivery.”

Ron explains some law firms have responded to the rise of ALSPs by announcing partnerships or imitating aspects of their service offerings. In the full report, Ron elaborates on where he sees this trend going and how it will affect existing law firms (page 10).

Read the full report here.