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Randy Gitsch in The New York Times

Cinerama resource and subject matter expert

Home News Randy Gitsch in The New York Times

PRO-TEK’s Randy Gitsch is quoted in a New York Times article on Cinerama, a widescreen movie process that involved the synchronization of three 35mm projectors onto a curved screen. Cinerama was developed in the 1950s in response to new competition that television was bringing to the movie industry.

Randy is Still Archives Manager, overseeing digitization, re-housing and other archiving processes for the still photo libraries of major motion picture studios.

The article, titled Long Before Imax, the Curious Tale of Cinerama, delves into some of the creative works of the Cinerama format, which was in use for about a decade, referring to it as the original widescreen format. Randy and colleague/partner David Strohmaier are documentarians and recognized experts in Cinerama cinematography.

You may read the article, which includes still images from various Cinerama sequences, on The New York Times website. (May require a subscription)

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