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Paramount Pictures and PRO-TEK featured in Forbes

First frozen commercial vault joins non-profit film archives like UCLA

Home News Paramount Pictures and PRO-TEK featured in Forbes

The joint film preservation venture of Paramount Pictures and PRO-TEK Vaults is featured in the Forbes’ August 14, 2017, Media & Entertainment section (#BoxOffice). The new vault is the first one built by a commercial motion picture studio to “freeze” film, joining non-profit film archiving institutions like UCLA and the Library of Congress.

The costs for storing film below-freezing are higher than standard archival cold storage, which is the reason so few frozen film vaults are available.

PRO-TEK will maintain a 29-degree Fahrenheit temperature and other stringent specifications to stop and prevent most of the image deterioration effects that happen over time.

“Other commercial film studios may decide to store select assets in a frozen vault, despite the higher price tag,” says LAC Group President Rob Corrao. “With streaming services and other distribution options, studios have new marketing and financial opportunities for old movies.”

In addition, according to Andrea Kalas, Vice President of Archives at Paramount, the frozen vault will help preserve the studio’s cultural legacy.

PRO-TEK will store about 500,000 reels of film produced by Paramount since the 1950s, including cinema classics like The Godfather series and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.