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New PRO-TEK film vault for Paramount Pictures

State-of-the-art cold storage to safeguard classic film assets

Home News New PRO-TEK film vault for Paramount Pictures

PRO-TEK’s new, high-tech film vault for preserving film at below-freezing temperatures is featured in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal article titled “Hollywood’s Film Freezer”.

The new 125,000 square foot facility will preserve movie classics like “The Godfather” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” along with other movies produced by Paramount Pictures at below-freezing temperatures to stop image deterioration. More than specialized warehousing, the new facility will serve as an active, working library and archive. Keeping the 29-degree temperatures stable under these conditions requires special handling processes and technology to prevent and minimize water condensation.

According to Rob Corrao, president of PRO-TEK parent company LAC Group,

“Cold temperatures slow down fading and the chemical hardening and shrinking of film emulsion known as ‘vinegar syndrome’, but carefully controlled storage at below-freezing temperatures can amlost stop the process altogether.”

The new PRO-TEK cold-storage film vaults will go online mid-2017.