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Nathan Rosen review in SLA Information Outlook

Favorite 2017 takeaway: article on journal subscription expenses

Home News Nathan Rosen review in SLA Information Outlook

Nathan RosenLAC Group employee Nathan Rosen wrote a review of his favorite article published last year in Information Outlook, the magazine of the Special Libraries Association (SLA).

A New Way of Looking at Journal Subscriptions,” posted on the Association’s website, describes an analysis of best practices in journal renewal negotiation. Rosen’s review was of an article about journal subscriptions and vendor relationships written by Jamie Marie Aschenbach in the July-August 2017 issue of the magazine.

Nathan Rosen is an experienced research and knowledge management specialist who has been with LAC Group since 2015. He has been recognized as a top innovator by “Inside Counsel” magazine and was profiled in a book on the top researchers of Wall Street.

His SLA Information Outlook review is available here.