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Law and technology coupled together, now and forever

LAC Group CIO quoted in legal innovation coverage

Home News Law and technology coupled together, now and forever

As more media outlets focus on legal technology and legal innovation, LAC Group Chief Knowledge & Information Officer Ron Friedmann continues to be asked to contribute his perspective. 

VQ Virtual Intelligence

In a recent article, “Legal innovation for real or by press release,” VQ references and adds further commentary to an in-depth look at legal innovation by Legal IT Today, which includes input from Ron and other legal thought leaders. 

The VQ headline was inspired by something Ron said about firms jumping on the innovation bandwagon, saying, “no firm wants to be left behind and ‘innovation by press release’ costs little.”

VQ’s article includes this assessment, tying legal innovation to client value:

“The change in the delivery mechanisms that we predict makes it clear that legal services for the future will focus less on the lawyers and more on how to create business value.”

VQ is a website founded by two experienced Scandinavian legal professionals and industry speakers, combining the practice of law with IT skills for a greater understanding of the digitalization of the legal sector.

Legal IT Today

Ron is one of several legal industry executives sharing their views on a provocative topic, “The Death of Legal Innovation?” in the January 2020 issue of Legal IT Today. Ron believes that innovation is not dead, since client pressure remains alive and well. He does predict less “hoopla” and more action, saying:

“Some will actually take the difficult steps to change how lawyers practice and firms operate, which is necessary to deliver more value. We’ll hear less, even though more may actually change.”

Legal IT Today offers commentary, strategy and market intelligence for the global legal technology community.

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