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LAC Group & Thomson Reuters partner with ARK Group for CI conference

Competitive Intelligence in the Modern Law Firm

Home News LAC Group & Thomson Reuters partner with ARK Group for CI conference

Most law firms no longer question the need for competitive intelligence; what they do wonder is how to get it, and use it—accurately, reliably and economically.

Find answers to those questions in the coming CI conference co-sponsored by LAC Group, Thomson Reuters and ARK Group.

Conference topics

  • Strategic Foresight for Competitive Intelligence
  • Legal Market Trends and Growth Strategies
  • Intelligent Collaboration and Integration of the Library, BD and Marketing
  • How Intelligence Functions within Law Firms Can Support One Another
  • Using Knowledge Management Tools to Support Competitive Intelligence

The best route to CI success?

We believe that optimal intelligence gathering, analysis and reporting comes from collaboration. Integrating the unique skills and perspectives of the firm’s library, business development and marketing resources for finding and using the most relevant, actionable information.

Jim Haggerty

LAC Group VP James Haggerty will moderate a panel discussion on this topic, featuring marketing and information executives from McCarter and English; Manatt, Phelps and Phillips; and Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper and Scinto.

Panel discussion at 1:15pm

  • Intelligent Collaboration: How the Library, BD and Marketing ALL Play an Integrated Role in CI/BI at large law

Immerse yourself in legal competitive intelligence

Whether you’re just learning the principles and concepts of competitive intelligence or coming with years of experience, you will gain the opportunity to:

  • Benchmark, debate and discuss CI strategies, ideas and implementations.
  • Understand the opportunities–and obstacles–to obtaining and using “actionable” information.
  • Educate yourself on the latest CI technologies, tools and services.

In just one day, learn from peers and experts to enhance the use of competitive intelligence in your firm.

We’d love to see you there

Seating is limited so register for the conference today! For more information about the conference, visit ARK Group’s event page. If you’re interested in learning more about LAC Group’s CI capabilities , download our sample CI report.