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LAC Group Media & Archive new subdomain


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To better serve the unique needs and expectations of its media and archive clients—primarily the entertainment industry along with community and corporate archives—LAC Group is distinguishing those services and facilities with a separate subdomain on its corporate website:

A subdomain is a division of a web domain that can be used to organize and separate content that is distinct from the rest of a website. For a company like LAC Group, with a range of professional information services for various industry sectors, separate subdomains are an effective, relevant way to address the unique needs and concerns of different markets.

According to SVP Tim Knapp, 

“Moving all media and archiving content to a separate subdomain will make it easier for our clients and prospects to find the answers and information they seek in a faster, more relevant way.” 

LAC Group’s media and archive services evolved from the acquisition of PRO-TEK Vaults from Eastman Kodak in 2013. Since then, the company has viewed this business unit as part of its library and information management services. Operationally, everything else will remain the same, from management to cross-functional sharing of expertise and resources. Tim Knapp will continue to run all media and archive services from LAC Group’s Burbank facilities.

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