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LAC Group joins AARP employer pledge

Our commitment to diversity and equal opportunity

Home News LAC Group joins AARP employer pledge

LAC Group has signed the AARP employer pledge, demonstrating our commitment to nurturing a diverse organization and hiring experienced workers. As a company that staffs for clients and our own business needs, we recognize the significance of these values.

AARP employer pledge signer

We are committed to recruiting and considering all applicants on an equal basis, from all age groups. By signing the Pledge, LAC Group reaffirms our belief in:

  • Equal opportunity for all workers.
  • The value of experienced workers.
  • Recruiting across diverse age groups and consider all applicants on an equal basis, regardless of age.
  • A level playing field for 50+ workers in their ability to compete and obtain jobs.

Brad Rogers, LAC Group Director of Recruiting, states:

“ LAC Group has always been committed to diversity hiring and our pledge to AARP further solidifies that commitment.”

We work to fulfill our employees’ potential through teamwork, inclusion and equal opportunity. For more information about our company culture, please visit Working for LAC Group.

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