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LAC Group founder shares lessons learned

Entrepreneurial advice, especially for women

Home News LAC Group founder shares lessons learned

Deb SchwarzAs LAC Group founder and CSO Deborah Schwarz transitions away from managing the business she started over 30 years ago, she shares some important lessons in her article published on popular website Medium.

Some of her lessons and stories include:

  • Failure is often a better teacher than success, with an example of how one business idea that failed was revamped to be a success.
  • People who seem trustworthy may not be, as demonstrated by an embezzling employee.
  • Women need to realize that patriarchy, ageism and sexism are real and to deal with them appropriately, depending on their personality and the situation.

Deborah Schwarz founded Library Associates Companies (LAC) in 1986 as a boutique staffing agency for law firms in southern California. The business has grown into LAC Group, a diversified company with multiple divisions and offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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