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Phil Spiegel in KMWorld

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Phil Spiegel

Philip Spiegel, Senior Director of Content Management Operations for LAC Group, writes about successful DAM (digital asset management) system implementation for KMWorld, a leading publisher serving the knowledge management, content management and document management markets.

Phil presents key questions and answers, including the recommendation that organizations consider much more than the technology itself:

“Employers are best served if they look at DAM as library-centric projects that use technology, rather than as technology projects that support library functions. There is a difference. When business inefficiencies are colliding, the knee-jerk reaction is to loop in the IT folks to ‘just figure this out.’”

With more than 20 years of experience as a media archivist and asset manager, Phil has witnessed all the drivers and concerns driving DAM projects, from too many content silos to the explosion in growth of digital assets like images and video clips, to mitigating liability for unauthorized, unusable derivatives and more.

Above all, he says that successful DAM initiatives require successful change management initiatives and the “organizational will” to change.