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LAC Group CEO in Journal of New Librarianship

Home News LAC Group CEO in Journal of New Librarianship

Deborah Schwarz, founder and CEO of LAC Group, shares her thoughts on the changing roles, responsibilities and perceptions of librarians in the Journal of New Librarianship.

Her essay, A librarian by another name”, describes the convergence of content, data, knowledge capture and other information more deeply into the digital domain. She postulates that librarians, traditionally viewed and trained as generalists, must diverge into areas of specialization, not to limit their potential but to increase their value.

According to Schwarz,

“The transformation is upsetting the status quo and unsettling to the librarians whose livelihood and purpose have been directly affected. But as new people enter the LIS profession and the changing of the guard accelerates, things will shake out, because they always do.”

The Journal of New Librarianship an outlet that mixes both traditional and disruptive forms of scholarly and professional communication, meant to change the way the profession shares and leads.

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