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LAC Group To Acquire Kodak’s PRO-TEK business

Home News LAC Group To Acquire Kodak’s PRO-TEK business

LAC Group has agreed to acquire from Kodak substantially all of the assets of PRO-TEK, the company’s film preservation business specializing in archival storage, film inspection and repair, and library services for high-value moving image and still photography produced by the entertainment industry.

As a leader in information and knowledge management, LAC Group will integrate PRO-TEK’s unique value proposition as a film and data storage provider into the company’s vision of end-to-end information and physical media asset offerings.

“We are looking forward to welcoming PRO-TEK to the LAC family,” said Deborah Schwarz, LAC’s Chief Executive Officer. “Preservation of moving image and still photography content is a vital issue for the entertainment industry, as well as for corporations, government agencies and the professional services industry.”

Download the press release.