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LAC Federal employee Cindy Nelson

Recognized by Department of Education, EEO Services

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We are proud of LAC Group employee Cindy Nelson, who received an EEO Award from the Department of Education for creating exhibits in the library that honor the contributions of special groups like African-Americans, Asian and Pacific Islanders and Hispanics, in the United States.

Selina S. Lee, Director, EEO Services for the Department of Education, cited Cindy’s achievement as follows:Cindy-Nelson-EEO-award-apr2014

“Ms. Cindy Nelson distinguished herself through exceptional skill in providing employees with preparing and organizing Special Emphasis program displays. She showed excellent customer service through her creative and innovative abilities to bring attention to equal employment opportunity, thus empowering others to take the time to visit the library. Her distinctive accomplishments reflect great credit upon herself, the National Library and the Department of Education.”

Cindy is on assignment as Senior Library Technician at the National Library of Education. She manages interlibrary loan requests, staffs the circulation desk, designs historical and topical displays of library materials and contributes to special projects. She came to LAC Group from Progressive Technology Federal Systems (PTFS) in Washington, DC. Cindy is a graduate of the University of Nebraska.