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KMWorld: Six ‘non-negotiables’ when choosing a KM platform

Home News KMWorld: Six ‘non-negotiables’ when choosing a KM platform

Philip Spiegel, Senior Director of Content Management Operations at LibSource, an LAC Group company, was featured on to discuss 6 key considerations for selecting a Knowledge Management platform.

Six 'non-negotiables' when choosing a KM platform - KMWorld Magazine_Thumbnail“While it seems intuitive to look at the process holistically, it is easy to ride the wave of internal support, flowing budgets and internal politics to first purchase a system and then figure out later how to make it work,” said Phil. He notes the following six non-negotiables to consider before choosing or evaluating a knowledge management platform:

  1. Put Due Diligence First
  2. Consider All Opinions
  3. Assume Resistance to Change
  4. See Everyone on One Team
  5. Embrace Metadata and Governance; They Matter
  6. Address Rights Management

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