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John DiGilio referenced in Chief Learning Officer

LAC Group VP weighs in on job candidate intelligence

Home News John DiGilio referenced in Chief Learning Officer

JohnDiGilioLAC Group Vice President John DiGilio is the reference on gathering candidate intelligence in an article about “permanent records” on the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) website.

Author Lee Maxey discusses the irony of privacy and security concerns when many people willfully share many personal aspects of their lives on social media. As this information becomes part of the individual’s permanent record, it’s increasingly being used as part of the candidate vetting process.

When asked about legal boundaries regarding the use of social media sites like Instagram to research job candidates, John said:

“Social sites and apps tend to not have stringent requirements, but our legal system offers defamation protections to all; you want to make sure what you’re pulling is verifiable and factual.”

Maxey is a contributor to CLO Media and Founder / CEO of MindMax, a higher education marketing and enrollment agency. He talked to John about the need for skilled research to gather candidate intelligence, an area in which recruiters often lack skills and/or time. According to Maxey,

“The best corporate recruiters are highly skilled in interviewing, but even the best can lack resources for collecting and analyzing a candidate’s burgeoning digital footprint.”

Also discussed in the article is a new study at the University of California called the Next Generation Undergraduate Success Measurement Project, which aims to better understand how students prepare for the workforce.

Chief Learning Officer is a multimedia publication for executives in the enterprise learning and workforce training market.

Read the entire article on the CLO website.