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Digital Cinerama Debuts In a Real Cinerama Venue

Home News Digital Cinerama Debuts In a Real Cinerama Venue

PRO-TEK’s Still Archives Manager, Randy Gitsch, will present the newly digitally re-mastered, recombined and Smileboxed, 3-panel Cinerama motion picture, “Search For Paradise” (1956) in the Widescreen Weekend portion of the next Bradford International Film Festival. Gitsch, a Producer on all of the Cinerama digital restorations, will make his 8th appearance at the National Media Museum-based event, held in Yorkshire, England. Hosted in the museum’s Pictureville Cinema, the venue is one of only 3 theaters remaining in the world capable of showing conventional Cinerama from 3 projectors. Gitsch and his production partner, Cinerama restorationist David Strohmaier, will introduce and screen two digital Cinerama features, several re-mastered trailers and the 70mm short subject, “Fortress of Peace” in this year’s gathering, on April 10-13.

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