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Avoiding spoliation claim with company archive

LAC Group VP John DiGilio quoted in IndustryWeek

Home News Avoiding spoliation claim with company archive

John DiGilio

John DiGilio, LAC Group Research & Intelligence VP, was asked to share his expertise on the role of corporate archives in products liability cases, facilitating the process and reducing the cost of harvesting and collecting relevant documents.

The article, written by Hodgson Russ partner and trial lawyer Ryan Lucinski and published by IndustryWeek, explains the importance of company archives in constructing a defense and avoiding significant legal and financial consequences.

According to John,

“A well-organized and actively managed archive is clearly the way to lay hands on the assets, and a hedge against legal costs and potentially significant liability exposure.”

In his article, Lucinski explains spoliation, the legal term for the “alteration or destruction of a document either intentionally or negligently” when the party knew or should have known the document was “relevant to potential or actual litigation.” Learn more in this related case study.

LAC Group, offering professional services for both research and intelligence and content and archiving, is uniquely experienced in helping manufacturers maintain their archives for any number of important reasons, including product litigation protection, design and engineering support and intellectual property (IP) protection.

Read the entire article on the IndustryWeek website.

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