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Survey: Do search algorithms matter?

Somewhat or very much, according to legal research survey

LAC’s spend management services group, known as Chase Cost Management, surveyed a select number of law firm clients regarding legal research databases and some of the vendors that provide them.

We’re happy to share the findings in this report, “Survey of search algorithms and other legal research topics,” which includes:

  • Breakdown of LexisNexis, Westlaw, BLAW and Fastcase installations
  • Frequency of errors or omissions when comparing results among different vendors
  • Reasons behind the number of platforms in use within the firm

The survey was prompted by a client who wanted to know if algorithmic differences would require a firm to maintain more than one news and information service in order to meet their attorneys’ legal research needs.

67% of respondents believe algorithmic accountability makes a difference when making information platform decisions.

Download the results below

Legal research analysis survey

You’re invited to download this report (PDF) and discuss the results with your legal colleagues.