Modern media digitization tools and strategies are helping businesses transform stores of underused physical collections into fresh and valuable digital content.

However, digitizing large amounts of information in multiple media formats is not as simple as snapping a picture with a digital camera. A number of considerations must be weighed:

  • Choosing proper file types.
  • Selecting storage media that is both safe and cost effective.
  • Identifying the best asset management interface.
  • Determining the metadata structure to enable search and retrieval.

Any enterprise digitization project requires consideration of these and other critical factors to ensure time and capital are not wasted and organizational objectives are met.

Whether you are figuring out how to embrace digitization, curious about the benefits of digital asset management, or well on your way with a digital preservation strategy, LAC Group can help ensure successful results.

Full Suite of Digitization Solutions

From element assessment to digital strategy consulting to actual physical-to-file transformation and metadata tagging, LAC Group provides:

  • Highly skilled digital archival and digitizing staff
  • State-of-the-art scanning equipment
  • Ability to manage the entire process
  • Optimal delivery process

With pioneering industry leaders and a strong track record of success, LAC offers significant advantages at each stage of the process. We can help your business save time, save money, save space, and most importantly, save your information assets.

Contact us to learn how to digitize and preserve your company’s media resources.

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