Great to see you at AMIA DAS May 2014! I sincerely hope you enjoyed my presentation on Curation in Digital Archive Management.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of my presentation:

  • Curators of the past were once confined to museums; actual roots/earlier history applied to clergy – derived from Latin words curatus, one responsible for the care of souls, and curare, to take care of
  • With digital technology advances, everyone has become a curator – emergence of new curator/rebirth (Spotify, Storify, mash-ups, permeated pop culture)
  • In the early days of film, nothing was saved. Recent Library of Congress research – 70% of American silent feature films produced between 1912 – 1929 believed to be completely lost
  • With advent of digital filmmaking, everything is saved – why not, it’s only data files/storage is plentiful and cheap
  • Everyone can create, curate and consume content, but some things should remain in the hands of professionals
  • Professional curation requires people with library/archiving/preservation training, discipline and skills