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Protecting and running your business in 2020

This page will be updated regularly with resources, ideas, tools and services to help our clients and companies in business and law navigate the uncertainties ahead. Like you, we hope to return to business as usual as soon as possible. Meanwhile, together we can safely get past this pandemic.

Coronavirus-related business articles

remote work

Business continuity and risk management

“It is vital to react as fast as possible in order to mitigate impacts…of the COVID-19 pandemic and its possible scenarios.”

– Deloitte


Scenario planning

“Define scenarios, monitor customers and plan for marketing changes.”

– Gartner


New business development

“…our sales process must prioritise establishing the value of solving the customer’s problem…”

– Bob Apollo, founder, Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners


Client retention and relationship management

“Understand profit-peak, profit-draining and profit-desert customers.”

– CFO Magazine

office equipment

Remote workforce management

“If a newly remote employee is clearly struggling but not communicating…ask them how they’re doing.”

– Harvard Business Review


HR considerations

“44% of companies said their annual executive incentive plan has been or will be affected.”

– Willis Towers Watson survey


Finance and economy

“The crisis is revealing immediate infrastructure gaps for many businesses.”

– PwC

Pharma and healthcare

“The pandemic has catalysed the development of novel coronavirus vaccines across the biotech industry.”

– Clinical Trials Arena

How we can help

Clients have begun contacting us for guidance and support, including how to:

While we hope these engagements are short-term, for now our just-in-time services can help businesses fulfill arising needs and better respond to the uncertainties ahead.

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