LAC was founded in 1986 by Deb Schwarz, a visionary in information & library management. LAC Group, founded as Library Associates, has been a problem solver providing innovative and practical solutions to information management challenges in personnel & staffing, collection & asset management, research, and consulting in the private sector, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Today, with over 300 employees, LAC Group enjoys its well-earned reputation as the leader in its information asset management field; an organization recognized for its integrity and ability to deliver the highest levels of service. With unparalleled accountability, unique in our marketplace, we’ve been consistently exceeding expectations since 1986.   We deliver as promised, within the cost structure approved.  Tell us about your challenges, and we’ll show you how we can save you money.

Many of our clients — from huge government agencies to university libraries, prestigious law firms, and business concerns just like yours — come to us because they’ve already been disappointed by the providers they have recently consulted. Unlike our competitors, we work to ensure client satisfaction in every facet of our operations.

The best people, strategies & processes. Today, in a world powered by information and the speed of its delivery, your own organization’s success depends on superior information asset management: the most highly qualified people, the optimal strategies, the cleanest processes.