Support for CMO and
business development leaders

Protecting and growing market share, growing revenue, enhancing customer experience and client relationships, all with greater efficiency and a spotlight on ROI.

You can’t do any of this without reliable intelligence on markets, clients and competitors.

That’s why we think you should know about LAC Group. Our research and intelligence services are actionable, streamlined and on-target for your marketing and business development efforts.

Clients in business and law rely on the knowledge, experience and fresh view we bring to their internal marketing teams.

Tailored intelligence briefs by dedicated analysts who understand your industry and market landscape, delivered daily or weekly.

Deeper dives and reports to answer specific questions.

Competitor profiling and social media intelligence to strengthen communities and relationships, avert crises and spot trends.

Research management portal with all your content custom-tagged and archived.

Agility and flexibility to adjust scope as priorities change.

If you’ve never heard our name, it’s because we’re a silent partner working diligently in the background, providing value-add service and just-in-time support.

LAC Group expertise

We deliver value to CMOs and business development leaders along a continuum of information-driven services and capabilities.

Research & Intelligence

Monitor risks and opportunities and stay informed on trends and technologies with streamlined, highly relevant briefings, alerts and reports.

Library / Information Services

Understand the options and opportunities for augmenting or outsourcing your library / research function via current technology, deep expertise, and flexible service options.

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