Support for CKO and
library / research directors

The L in LAC Group stands for library and the company was founded by a law firm librarian. Special libraries in law, academia, business and government have been turning to us for more than 30 years for research and other library services and support.

The majority of our employees are librarians with MLIS/MLS degrees and experience.

We maintain a recruiting function and career website with a job board for library, research, and other information management positions.

Digitization and decades of experience enabled us to develop and deliver the concept of Library as a Service® for greater efficiency.

We’re a silent partner working diligently in the background, providing value-add service and just-in-time support for any library setting.

LAC Group expertise

We deliver value to CKOs and research / library directors along a continuum of information-driven services and capabilities.

Research & Intelligence

Tap into our expertise and infrastructure for remote research and reference, after-hours support, extended coverage and extra resources for peak demand.

Library / Information Services

Gain the skills and capacity you need for normal library and information center operations or for jumpstarting or completing special projects.

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