Case study: Hybrid outsourcing onsite & virtual

Managed services supplemented with virtual research


Library as a Service® from LibSource is more than outsourcing – it’s co-sourcing. We offer a full array of knowledge and information services to address your concerns and needs. Working as partners with mutual goals and objectives, LibSource helps law firms maximize their information resources.

Managed service

LibSource oversees all research and reference services and staff on the firm’s behalf.

Virtual service

Your library in the cloud, with research services available on-demand and seamlessly integrated into your workflow and work environment.

Hybrid approach

Customized for your needs, LibSource will take over full or partial administration of your onsite library or information center. And we can augment your staff with our virtual research team as needed.

The choice of a global law firm

Learn why a 150-year-old law firm chose the Hybrid Approach, partnering with LibSource to manage its onsite library resources and staff, with supplemental help from a virtual team of LibSource research analysts when needed.

Through a hybrid co-sourcing partnership with LibSource, the firm’s library has enriched its information services and global support without overtime or additional staff overhead. Most importantly, the transition was made as easily and painlessly as possible, with minimal disruption to lawyers and support staff, and existing library staff given the opportunity to stay.

Why the hybrid approach

  • Service improvements and innovation enabled by Key Performance Indicators
  • Flexibility and scalability for coverage across multiple time zones
  • Predictable costs and optimization of research databases

Meeting greater client needs with fewer internal resources

The demands of enterprise clients never let up, yet the ability for firms to deliver the service levels expected of them is becoming a challenge. Shrinking budgets and support staff mean doing more with less, and that calls for flexible solutions. Instead of building and maintaining infrastructure, it means finding trusted service providers like LibSource to partner with for flexible, as-needed support.


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