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Career Resources for LIS/MLIS Programs

Home Career Resources for LIS/MLIS Programs

As time progresses and cultures shift, so do the trends and career opportunities within the LIS/MLIS field. Due to this, LAC Group is actively making an effort to inform anyone and everyone within the Information field, with the first line of exposure being colleges and universities offering LIS and MLIS programs.

LAC Group will publish these new trends and opportunities through a series of digital career guides with tips and advice for MLIS and LIS students (Master/Bachelor of Library and Information Science), available free of charge in digital format to universities with these degree programs. Each one will focus on a career topic current to the needs of today’s job market.

Branded Pamphlets for Universities/Organizations

All pamphlets can be customized and branded towards specific programs and universities. See below for examples of branded pamphlets. (Unbranded versions are available as well)

imgo (1)

*School Name and Logo will be placed on the top right hand corner of the front cover and bottom center of the back cover

school description branding (1)

*The second page of pamphlet will contain a summary of your school’s program (limited to 230 words).