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Thirst for data could actually blur the big picture

August 27, 2012

Home Blog Thirst for data could actually blur the big picture

In a recent Fast Company blog post, contributor Ron Friedman questions whether too much data is actually holding us back. He argues that with the advent of smartphones, social media, and aggregators, the overload of information may actually hinder our ability to make the right decisions.

Friedman also refers to a Princeton and Stanford University study titled On the Pursuit and Misuse of Useless Information, which seems to support the notion that additional information doesn’t always lead to smarter decisions.

At the risk of sounding like a late-night infomercial, it doesn’t have to be that way.
Dedicated analysts and researchers can immerse themselves in your world day in and day out. They begin to view your industry, your markets, your clients, and your competitors as if they were an extension of your team. A true strategic asset, these “human aggregators” curate only the information that’s most relevant to you, in a way that maximizes its potential of leading to action.

The prevalence of data is greater than ever, but the true value lies in extracting only the information – or intelligence – that truly drives major business decisions. When it comes to delivering powerful, strategic insight, technology alone is no match for the human touch. As Fast Company’s Steven Rosenbaum so elegantly coined it, “Content curators are the new superheroes of the web.”


This article was originally published on ShiftCentral, now part of LAC Group.

Mario Thériault

Mario Thériault

Mario Thériault is Chief Business Development Officer and oversees all aspects of LAC Group’s growth strategy, partnership and alliance programs. Prior to LAC’s acquisition of ShiftCentral, Mario served as CEO and continuously evolved the company to emphasize the importance of strategic, curated intelligence to solve clients validated business needs.
Mario Thériault
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