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Strategic planning for a research organization’s library

July 25, 2022

Home Blog Strategic planning for a research organization’s library
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A unique client to LAC Group, this social policy research organization has worked with our Research Strategist, Cora-Lynn Munroe-Lynds to rebuild and elevate their library.

As the client’s dedicated strategist, Cora has been instrumental in writing a new strategic plan for the library. This includes a budget, risk analysis, and a new mission and vision statement that aligns with the company.

“I believe my favorite project I worked on so far is the strategic plan. It enabled me to think critically about the various components that make up a library. Until you build one from scratch, it’s difficult to understand how much actually goes into it.”

Starting from scratch meant that Cora had her hands in nearly every aspect of rebuilding the library. Each new project has been based on the discovery of what will continue to help the library grow.

Since her time with this client, Cora has also:

  • Helped to build a library policy
  • Performed an audit of library resources, spending, and of the Research Management Systems
  • Developed training documents and training sessions for researchers that will be recorded and then uploaded to a private channel for company use
  • Taken on responsibility for intranet page management, including the initial design and sending in updates to developers

Cora has also been working with the company’s staff to help market the library services and resources to make it more accessible and known to staff. She journals token usage data, solicits work for billable hours not being used, reviews the free services, and looks for bill backs and recovering resources.

“This experience has been great because I am able to challenge myself, think critically, and try to understand various components of a library through different perspectives. This project also helped me understand the business aspect of a library, including increasing billable hours, soliciting work, and marketing the library. Definitely the best/biggest learning curve I’ve had since I arrived, and I’ve loved every minute of it!”

Library planning and mapping is just one of the ways LAC can help corporations, law firms, and other organizations leverage their knowledge and information resources. To learn more about the guidance we offer for keeping pace with rapidly advancing technology and changing requirements, check out our library services.

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