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S&P Capital IQ

The newest financial tool for competitive advantage

November 05, 2018

Analysis of data

Providers of financial research software are aggressively competing to load more bells and whistles on their products for investors and other financial services professionals.

S&P Global Market Intelligence has rolled out its next-generation Capital IQ platform. Capital IQ, like other competitive, web-based products, is customizable to user needs and available on mobile devices for Android and Apple.

Capital IQ promises to give users a competitive intelligence advantage by integrating financial and industry data, research and news into tools that track market performance, identify investment opportunities, perform valuations and assess risk.

S&P Global Market Intelligence, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg

Many of Capital IQ’s features are similar to those provided by other service providers like Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg and include the following:

  • “Deep” company and industry research with over 5,000 data items, including industry-specific metrics on 17 industries. Financial data, transaction data, capital structure, fixed income and earnings estimates on tens of thousands of public and private companies including meeting transcripts and live streaming earnings calls, real-time broker research, analyst estimates and consensus and analyst tracking.
  • Market developments for economies, sectors and industries to monitor evolving markets and industry dynamics. Targeted email alerts for developments in the sectors and markets being tracked.
  • Credit risk indicators to manage risk exposure.
  • An Excel plugin feature that allows you to import large amounts of data from the web-based platform to create models and build formulas, along with time-saving templates. The Excel add-in is a particular favorite with power users and online reviewers.
  • Commodities and futures, macroeconomic, pricing and exchange data.
  • Support staff to assist users with model conversion, onboarding, advanced training and consultation.

Capital IQ also offers the following proprietary features:

  • “Real-Time Workstation” includes streaming quotes, news and charts that can be customized to user preference.
  • “Relationship Tree” is used to identify and leverage potential relationships with detailed profiles on over 3.8 million private and public company executives, board members and investment professionals. It allows users to map out an individual’s network and overlay their own contact data to identify possible personal connections to an individual or company.
  • PresCenter is Capital IQ’s productivity suite for Microsoft Office. The Excel format includes models with shortcut commands and links Excel data to PowerPoint to ensure data consistency and accuracy within presentations.

Online user reviews for Capital IQ are generally positive, with a few recurring themes. It seems especially popular with people who work in M&A or whose job involves valuating companies.

Pros of Capital IQ

  • The platform gets high marks for breadth, convenience and speediness of real-time data. One reviewer commented: “Being able to pull statements and data in a streamlined fashion saves endless hours of time versus going through all the inconsistencies from company to company”.
  • Unanimous raves about the Excel plugin feature.
  • Helpful in valuating companies: “A great tool for the M&A sector”.
  • Customer support is generally reliable.
  • Customized alerts: “I receive a daily newsletter updating me on everything in my industry, and have the ability to research every power plant in the United States.

Cons of Capital IQ

  • Occasional errors and inaccuracies with data, or outdated data.
  • According to several reviewers, the mobile app needs some work; cannot access all the features that you can on a terminal.
  • Some users would like more information on private companies.
  • The interface can be unwieldy or clunky depending on the browser used.

Let LAC Group do the work

No matter which research tool you choose, you can let LAC Group do the work for you. Our research and information experts will save you time and money and give you the business and financial monitoring and reporting you need to stay in the know.

Robyn Rebollo

Robyn Rebollo

LAC Group Vice President, Robyn Rebollo, is a research services consultant, strategic procurement adviser and information services professional. Her reputation has been established through many years of experience and numerous contributions to the design, development and implementation of information and knowledge solutions for corporations, law firms and universities.
Robyn Rebollo

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Robyn Rebollo
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